Russia admits death rate from corona is more than three times higher | NOW

Russia admitted on Monday that the death toll from the coronavirus is more than three times higher than the country had previously reported. As a result, Russia – after the United States and Brazil – is suddenly the country with the most corona deaths in the world.

From January to November this year, 229,700 more people have died in Russia than in the same period last year, one of Russia’s deputy prime ministers, Tatiana Golikova, said Monday. She based herself on the general death rates from Rosstat, the state bureau of statistics.

According to Golikova, 81 percent of the increase is due to the corona virus. That means that more than 186,000 Russians have died with the corona virus. This would make the number of corona patients dead in Russia about three times higher than the current death toll (55,000).

For months, Russian President Vladimir Putin boasted of Russia’s low death rate. Earlier this month, he said that the Russians are managing the pandemic better than Western countries. Nonetheless, some Russian experts have said since the start of the pandemic that the Russian government was downplaying the outbreak in the country.

Almost 90 million corona tests and 3 million infections have already been carried out in the vast country of more than 145 million inhabitants. Almost 2.5 million patients have recovered or had no symptoms. At the beginning of this month, Russia started to vaccinate with the self-developed drug Sputnik V.


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