Romantic comedy Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson delayed to 2022 | NOW

Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson’s new film will no longer be released in theaters this year. Romantic comedy Marry Me was set to premiere in May, but that has been moved to February 11, 2022 for unknown reasons.

Marry Me is about two stars, Kat (Lopez) and Bastian (Maluma), who are planning to get married in front of a large audience. Just before the ceremony, however, Kat finds out that her fiancé has not been faithful to her. She decides to dump him and marry a random man from the audience, Charlie (Wilson).

J.Lo and Maluma have both written songs for the film, which also stars comedian Sarah Silverman and young Big Little Lies actress Chloe Coleman.

Plans for Marry Me known. The film was then scheduled for release in the fall of that year. Various media speculate that the current postponement has to do with film distributor Universal wanting to go big with the corona crisis. Marry Me.


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