Romain Grosjean’s wife grateful after horror crash: ‘more than one miracle was needed’

She was sitting in front of the television when she saw her husband crash. “To be honest, I’m not sure what to write. I just know it’s okay to do it. It has always helped me. And then I also didn’t know what to post as a photo. Which image should you keep from yesterday? That of the flames? Are rescuers? The wreck of his car? ”She writes.

Marion Grosjean continues: “I would have preferred the word to be ‘superhero’ instead of ‘champion’, but if we have to, let’s tailor it. For our children, because that’s how we have it inexplicable explained.

She especially wants to thank the people who saved Romain Grosjean. “Grateful for all the men on the medical car and for Jean Todt and his infallible humanity. Thanks to Jules Bianchi’s family; of his father Philippe, whom I keep thinking about. For Jules herself. To Kevin Magnussen for his words. To the Canal + teams. I will forget something, forgive me. ”

Marion thanks her husband herself on behalf of her children. “Thanks to his courage, his ruthlessness, his strength, his love, his physical training that probably kept him alive too (Kim, Dan, love you). It didn’t take one miracle, there were several yesterday. Kiss on my behalf. ”

In De Telegraaf’s Formula 1 podcast, Albers explains how Grosjean’s crash could have happened. Is the Frenchman himself still to blame?

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