Romain Grosjean looks back on horror crash: ‘Jules Bianchi saved my life’

It showed once again that Grosjean owed the survival of his crash to a large extent to the much-discussed Halo.

And that Halo came after the deadly crash that Jules Bianchi experienced in 2014 during the Japanese GP. Bianchi then ended up with his Formula 1 car under a crane truck and would eventually die from the consequences of his injuries.

To prevent a repeat, Formula 1 was looking for solutions that could better protect a driver’s head. Finally, the FIA ​​and Formula 1 came up with the much-discussed Halo. Initially there was a lot of criticism of the Halo, but Grosjean also realizes that he owes his life to the Halo.

“Jules Bianchi saved my life, thanks to the Halo,” said Grosjean in the documentary of Canal +. “I was absolutely against entering the Halo, what an idiot I was!”

“Jules saved my life and that of many other riders and I will always be grateful to him for that.”

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