RIVM reports 5,983 new positive tests, increase less than previous days | NOW

The GGDs have registered 5,983 new positive corona tests in the past 24 hours, figures from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) show on Friday. That is a smaller increase (152) than on Thursday when the number of positive tests increased by more than 800 to 5,831.

The number of positive tests has increased significantly in recent weeks. Last week was no exception, but the daily increases were not stable. The largest increase (837) took place on Thursday, while the number of positive tests turned out slightly lower on Tuesday than on Monday.

Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) said on Thursday that if the number of infections does not fall, the cabinet “will be forced to take additional measures”. A break in the trend should be visible in the infections around the weekend or early next week, he said.

Fourteen new deaths were also reported by the RIVM, but this does not necessarily mean that these people also died in the last 24 hours. This information is sometimes passed on to the institute with a delay.

Some reports arrive with a delay due to processing time. The RIVM thinks that the actual number of infections in the Netherlands is larger, because not everyone with complaints can be tested. This is partly because it is difficult to make an appointment due to busyness at the GGDs.

Number of positive corona tests from the past week with the difference from the day before in brackets:

  • Friday: 5,983 (+152)
  • Thursday: 5,831 (+837)
  • Wednesday: 4,994 (+446)
  • Tuesday: 4,548 (-33)
  • Monday: 4,581 (+574)
  • Sunday: 4.007 (+29)
  • Saturday: 3,978 (+147)

Also an increase in the number of occupied hospital beds

Figures from the National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS) show that the number of occupied hospital beds has increased by 69 compared to Thursday. This concerns the inflow and outflow of patients and not the total number of new hospital admissions.

The total number of corona patients in Dutch hospitals is now 1,139. Most of them are in nursing wards, 239 people with COVID-19 are in intensive care (ic). According to the LCPS, almost a third of the IC occupancy is currently corona-related.

Eleven patients had to be moved to a different region during the last 24 hours to prevent the pressure on hospitals in areas with many infections becoming too great.

Difference with daily number of new admissions

The NICE Foundation (National Intensive Care Evaluation) continuously keeps track of the number of hospital admissions per day. They are informed every half hour how many new patients have been admitted to Dutch hospitals. On Friday, 32 people have been admitted to a nursing ward and ten people to an IC ward so far. This number is expected to increase. For example, 150 to 160 people a day were admitted to hospital in recent days.

More and more people in the Netherlands are testing positive for the corona virus, which is also increasing the number of hospital admissions. As a result, new corona measures have recently been introduced. The first effects may become visible next week, according to the RIVM.


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