RIVM again reports fewer positive tests (5,340) than average (5,873) | NOW

The RIVM reports 5,340 new positive corona tests on Saturday. That is less than the average for the seven past days (5,873).

NU.nl looks at the average of the past seven days, because this gives a better picture than the fluctuating daily figures. This average has been falling for several weeks.

Another 98 people have died from the effects of the virus. This does not mean that all these people actually died in the past 24 hours. There may be a delay between the date of death and the date of notification.

Averages for the past week

  • Saturday, January 16: 5,873
  • Friday, January 15: 6,166
  • Thursday, January 14: 6,457
  • Wednesday, January 13: 6,906
  • Tuesday, January 12: 7,046
  • Monday, January 11: 7,250
  • Sunday, January 10: 7,418

The ‘first effect’ of the lockdown can be seen in weekly figures

In the weekly update, RIVM announced that the figures show a “first effect” of the lockdown, which was introduced on December 15.

For example, the number of people who tested positive was smaller in seven days compared to the previous week. The number of corona patients in hospitals also decreased, as did the percentage of people who tested positive.

However, the decline is not yet fast enough, according to the cabinet. The lockdown was therefore extended by three weeks until 9 February.

Correction: We first wrote that the average number of positive tests from the previous seven days was 5,872. That turned out to be incorrect: this had to be 5,873.

Disclaimer: Until now NU.nl calculated the average number of infections by using the daily figures of the seven previous days. This turned out to be confusing, so we adjusted our calculation. From now on NU.nl will work with the figures for this day and the six previous days, in order to arrive at a weekly average.


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