Ricky Gervais praises Dutch series Klem: ‘Truly brilliant’ | NOW

British comedian and actor Ricky Gervais has spoken words of praise for the Dutch series on Wednesday evening Clamp. He let his fans know via a live stream that he recommends the series to everyone. “Clamp is really brilliant. The acting is good and the story is great, ”said the 59-year-old actor.

Gervais said this in response to the question of whether he would ever consider starring in an exciting movie or series. Gervais is best known for his acting in black comedies, such as the Netflix series After Life and The Office.

The British comedian would star in a series like Clamp definitely consider. “There is also a little bit of dark humor in it. It’s just so subtle that you hardly notice this. I would certainly do a part in such a series.”

“The story of Clamp, ed.) is not unnecessarily exaggerated, while there are so many layers. I’ve never seen a plot in which that is the case, ”Gervais continues his review.

Gervais calls it one of the most exciting series he has ever seen. “When something completely upsets your idyllic world, it’s scary. Horror movies with vampires, for example, are not scary”, he argues. About Clamp: “You know there are murderers living somewhere, it could just be your neighbor. But they will never say that out loud. That’s a scary thought.”

Last season

Clamp was first broadcast on BNNVARA in 2017. The third and final season of the series is currently running.

The series is about the lives of criminal Marius Milner (Jacob Derwig) and the high-ranking tax office employee Hugo Warmond (Barry Atsma), who develop a business friendship with each other against their will.

A possible role for Gervais in a fourth season seems out of the question: Clampdirector Frank Ketelaar said in September NRC that as far as he is concerned the story has been completed. “After three series I usually told and made up everything. Just look at it House of Cards: sometimes you have to be tough as a spiritual father and know when to stop. “


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