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Possible lockdown in Suriname next week
There is a good chance that a total lockdown will be announced in Suriname next week, according to Minister Amar Ramadhin of Public Health. The Surinamese authorities are not yet able to stop the increase in the number of corona virus infections. If the situation does not improve in the coming days, drastic measures are needed, Ramadhin said on Wednesday evening at a press conference in Paramaribo.

An important measure to prevent the lockdown is to restrict the freedom of movement. That is why the maximum number of people allowed to come together has been reduced from ten to five on Thursday. Also, all non-essential businesses and services must close their doors.

Although it is not yet certain, according to Ramadhin, it seems that the mutated variant of the coronavirus has also been found in Suriname. Research has yet to confirm this suspicion, but given the speed at which the number of new infections has increased in the last week, the minister says there is a good chance that it concerns the new variant.

The number of flights between the Netherlands and Suriname has been reduced to two per week at the beginning of this week. Only residents of Suriname or people of Surinamese descent are allowed to enter the country. After arrival, they must be quarantined for seven days.

To the frustration of the Surinamese government, it has become apparent in recent months that quite a few people from the Netherlands flouted the quarantine rules. In order to tackle this behavior more strictly, the responsibility has been transferred from the Minister of Health to the Ministry of Justice and Police.


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