Renault and Ferrari do not agree with Red Bull Racing proposal

Max Verstappen’s team is committed to taking over the engines from the current supplier Honda, which will stop after next year. However, according to Red Bull, it will not be possible to continue like this if the current regulations are frozen, until the new power units are introduced in Formula 1. This has everything to do with the high costs of developing the current engines .

Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri already said that he saw little in Red Bull’s proposal. And Renault team principal Cyril Abiteboul told “If you had asked me for six months, we would have accepted a freeze to cut costs. But Red Bull and Honda were against it then and we accepted it. Since then we have been very busy working on the 2022 engine. My position is different from six months ago. Now I am against freezing the engines. We will not accept it. ”

The attitude of Renault and Ferrari comes as no surprise to Red Bull. Team boss Christian Horner has already stated that he hopes the FIA ​​will intervene, in view of the current costs, and proposed to bring forward the new regulations (from 2026). Horner understands better than anyone that the third supplier did indicate Mercedes to go along with Red Bull’s proposal. “They have the strongest engine, so they will also be happy if the regulations are frozen for the next twenty years …”

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