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Red Team recommends strict, short lockdown
The Red Team, a group of scientists who provide solicited and unsolicited advice on how to combat the corona crisis, is arguing for a strict, short lockdown in the Netherlands. In an advice (PDF) to the cabinet, the team states that a more stringent approach to the virus is needed to prevent recurring lockdowns.

According to the Red Team, the government is trying to find a balance with the current corona strategy between “an open society and minimizing health damage”, but that is almost impossible. “The risk is that the Netherlands will fall victim to a yo-yo effect of acquiring and surrendering freedoms, with recurring lockdowns as the low point,” the scientists state in their advice.

The cabinet should focus on effective containment of the corona virus, following the example of neighboring countries that prove successful in this, such as Denmark and Germany, the team believes. This means that there is a better insight into how the virus spreads, for example during an outbreak. According to the scientists, the test capacity and the source and contact investigation that follows an infection must be in order.


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