Red Bull team boss Christian Horner surprised at Mercedes speed

“It is surprising that Mercedes has made such a step when it comes to the engine,” said team boss Christian Horner. “They have made a clear step forward in terms of speed on the straight. At first we were able to compensate for that by using less down force (downward pressure, ed.), but now we’re not really getting any closer. Certainly Lewis Hamilton had much more speed on the straight. Obviously they also have reliability issues this season and that is unusual for Mercedes, but at the same time they are very fast.”

Red Bull, just like Ferrari, previously asked the FIA ​​about the Mercedes engine, which, due to a trick with the so-called intercooler would gain additional power. As far as is known, the motorsport federation has not identified any issues that would not be in accordance with the rules.

“They were very strong here. To still have two drivers on the podium and to do good business in the battle for the world championship makes it a positive day for us. Sergio did what we expect from him in the fight with Hamilton and he deserved that third place,” continues Horner. “Obviously we have to make the most of every week, as we did in Istanbul. Lewis is always very strong in Austin, but then we go to Mexico and Brazil and those circuits usually suit us well.”

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