Red Bull team boss Christian Horner: ‘Rules must be black and white’

Drivers were allowed to go as wide as they wanted in Bahrain during practice on Friday in Turn 4. That was then reversed, who did that in qualifying on Saturday saw their time removed.

During the race on Sunday, a wide run at that same corner was allowed again, until the race management intervened. Horner: ,, We saw that Mercedes did it every lap. You still win about two tenths of a second with that. Then we started doing it, but at one point the competition management asked if we could respect the limit. Otherwise you would get a warning. Max started catching up with Lewis on that spot. That is not allowed, because you cannot win a position that way. Hence, he had to give his place back. He did that neatly too. ”

The situation must be more consistent

After the call from his race engineer, Verstappen let his competitor Hamilton pass in turn ten. “I think the situation should be more consistent. It can’t be that we don’t use it and we will if you overtake. It has to be black and white, ”said Horner, who did not think Red Bull was relinquishing the race because of the strategy.

“Mercedes was fast at the start of the race, Max was no more than two seconds away from Lewis. Lewis entered twice early, but we had fresher tires in the end. Lewis had just enough left to take the win. That’s frustrating, but we can bring a lot of positive things from this weekend. Max also had some problems, so he wasn’t as fast in the first sector as he was earlier in the weekend. We have to investigate that. ”

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