Red Bull team boss Christian Horner: ‘Mercedes speed on the straight under control’

That cannot be separated from Red Bull Racing’s strong suspicions about the rear wing of Mercedes. Red Bull thinks the competitor is using a rear wing that bends at high speed. The opening that is created from this generates more top speed.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner thinks Mercedes has already taken those tests into account, as the difference between the two top teams during qualifying was already smaller on the long straight in Doha.

“I think the weight test has done its job beforehand, because their speed on the straight is under control,” Horner said. Sky Sports. “We are now close to each other. That contrasts with the previous four or five race weekends. But for us it’s not so much about this track, but mainly about Jeddah and Abu Dhabi. On those tracks, the speed on the straight makes a huge difference.”

Lewis Hamilton, however, was unbeatable on Saturday. Max Verstappen was more than 4.5 tenths slower than the Briton. “But I think our speeds on the straight were more or less the same,” said Horner. “Lewis won almost all of his time in turns six and seven. It was a very strong lap from him.”

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