Red Bull team boss Christian Horner: ‘It’s annoying to say, but Formula 1 misses the previous race director’

,,Almost all decisions were against us today. That was already the case in Doha two weeks ago,” said Horner. ,,Max gets a five-second penalty, but both he and Lewis Hamilton went off the track. If you don’t want to see that, you have to place gravel bins everywhere next to the asphalt. It seems there are too many rules. The sport missed previous race director Charlie Whiting today. I hate to say that, but a man with so much experience was needed here under these difficult circumstances.”

Horner thinks it will not affect the morale at Red Bull towards the latest squatter in Abu Dhabi. ,,Max and Lewis are tied in points, but we have the advantage in terms of races won. At that moment when they touched, it seemed that Lewis did not want to go past Max, because he was afraid that Max would catch up with him immediately with the DRS system.”

“After that Max got that time penalty of five seconds. It was impossible for him to walk that far, given the damage to his car. Then he let Lewis pass and decided to drive the car to the finish. It’s an intense fight. I hope it will be decided on the tarmac and not in the stewards’ room.”

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