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First vaccinations in Latin America
A Mexican health care worker was the first person in Latin America to receive a vaccine against the coronavirus on Friday, writes BBC News. Mexico, like the Netherlands, uses the means of Pfizer and BioNTech. With over 120,000 deaths, Mexico is statistically one of the hardest hit countries worldwide. The country wants to have all healthcare workers vaccinated before April. So far, the country has received 3,000 of the 34 million vaccine doses ordered.

The vaccination process has also started in Costa Rica, Chile and Argentina. The latter country uses the Russian vaccine Sputnik V, which has yet to be tested by the World Health Organization. Russia claims an effectiveness of more than 90 percent, but has shared little research data during the development of the vaccine. Argentina has received 300,000 doses.

Brazil, the hardest hit country in Latin America, will begin inoculating its population in February. President Jair Bolsonaro himself does not want a vaccination, because he suspects that he is immune to the coronavirus after his earlier infection this year.


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