Postcode Kanjer falls in South Holland, postcode not disclosed for corona | NOW

The Postcode Kanjer of 54.9 million euros, the main prize in the National Postcode Lottery, has fallen in the province of South Holland, the organization reports Friday evening. To prevent any risk of the corona virus spreading, the Postcode Lottery has decided not to disclose the winning postcode.

The usual festive activities around the prize distribution will also be canceled. The organization does report that in the winning postcode, seventeen participants play along with a total of 26 tickets. They each win at least 1 million euros.

The winners will be informed of the winnings in a personal way. The prize money will be paid out within two weeks.

In addition to seventeen winners in the winning postcode, participants in the district also receive prizes. A total of 4,796 lots share the other half of the Postcode Kanjer worth 54.9 million euros. This means that participants who play with the winning district code will win a maximum of 6,100 euros per ticket.

Last year the Postcode Kanjer fell to postcode 2151BZ in Nieuw-Vennep, North Holland. The winners were then allowed to distribute 54.7 million euros.

The main prize of the New Year’s draw of the State Lottery last night fell to two half tickets, one in Zwolle and one in Tiel. The winners can transfer 15 million euros tax-free to their account.


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