Possible wreckage of missing Indonesian plane found | NOW

A plane of the Indonesian airline Sriwijaya Air with about sixty passengers disappeared from the radar on Saturday shortly after take-off. Pieces of wreckage have been found in the sea north of Jakarta.

The last contact with the crew took place just 20 kilometers from the airport. The aircraft was then flying over the sea near the island of Lancang.

Fishermen have reported wreckage in the water. Cables and part of jeans were also found. Authorities have sent a rescue team to the site. A spokesman said it has yet to be confirmed that the wreckage came from the missing plane.

The plane was en route with dozens of passengers to Pontianak, 700 kilometers to the north, in West Kalimantan province.

Sriwijaya Air says it cannot make any statements about the flight, because it is still collecting information.


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