Police stop several illegal parties in the country, dozens of fines | NOW

The police have had to take action in several places in the country against illegal parties attended by dozens of people. Officers have handed out dozens of fines and also arrested a few people. The police in Amsterdam emphasizes that “the time for warning is really over” and that if possible they will fine as many people as possible and confiscate equipment.

Three parties were stopped in Amsterdam. Sixty people were present in a house on Gustav Maherlaan. The owners of the house and someone who appeared to be working as a porter were fined.

46 people were fined at Anthony Fokkerweg, after 40 people fled upon arrival of the officers. One person was arrested for slapping a cop and another because he could not identify himself. The police confiscated DJ equipment here.

Twenty people were caught in a house on the Leidsekruisstraat. One person was arrested who did not comply with a police claim and officers confiscated a music box.

Three parties ended in Zeeland

In the Zeeland towns of Goes, Terneuzen and ‘s-Heer Abtskerke, agents have also ended illegal parties. In all cases it concerned young people who had gathered with too many people.

In Terneuzen, it concerned ten young people between the ages of fifteen and eighteen. Nine of them were fined for violating the corona measures, the tenth managed to run away.

Twenty to thirty young people aged 18 to 21 had held a party in a house in Goes. They have all been fined and their details have been recorded.

Nine youngsters aged 19 to 22 were fined after they came together in a construction site in ‘s-Heer Abtskerke. A 21-year-old was arrested and detained in a police cell for insulting a police officer. He will be heard on Sunday.

People from all over the Netherlands come to party in Weesp

Dozens of people from all over the Netherlands have come to a party in Weesp, the Gooi en Vechtstreek police report. Various warnings and fines were handed out.

Up to thirty young people partied in the Prinsenbeek forest

Local residents had called the police in Prinsenbeek about a party in a forest plot in Prinsenbeek, in the municipality of Breda. This party had probably been going on for some time when the agents arrived.

The police halted the party and confiscated the sound equipment. All 25 people have been fined. Three people present were arrested because they could not identify themselves.

One hundred fines for illegal parties in Limburg

The police in Limburg handed out a hundred tickets at a party in a wooded area in the municipality of Meerssen. The mobile unit (ME) had to come on site to end the party. Eleven people have been arrested for not carrying identification.

The organizers of this party risk a fine of 4,000 euros.


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