Police arrest about eighty protesters at corona protest in The Hague | NOW

About eighty protesters were arrested on Thursday evening on the Square near the Lower House in The Hague. Protesters demonstrated against the emergency law that must give the corona measures a legal basis.

The police asked the protesters to leave several times. When that did not happen, the protesters were arrested. The protest had not been announced, according to the police.

On Wednesday evening, twelve people were already arrested at a similar protest on the Square. This demonstration was not announced either. The police dissolved the demonstration on the orders of Mayor Jan van Zanen. Attendees left the square, but returned around 9 p.m.

In the House of Representatives Wednesday and Thursday debated the law, which should give the corona measures a legal basis. From the outset there was much criticism of the law, because it would give the cabinet far-reaching powers and sidelined the House of Representatives.

In a new version, measures have been taken to restore democratic control of the Chamber and several controversial parts have been removed. Although there has not yet been a vote, a majority of the House is in favor. Opposition parties PVV, SP and Party for the Animals continue to question the law.


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