Plea: make all lease cars emission-free from 2025

A charging point for electric cars in Amstelveen.Statue Joris van Gennip

About six out of ten new cars are driven for business. In 2019, almost 450 thousand passenger cars were sold in the Netherlands. If all business cars are emission-free, this would result in a saving of 1 megaton of CO2 in 2030, according to the NVDE. Emissions of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides will also decrease.

Mobility accounts for one fifth of CO2 emissions in the Netherlands. In order to achieve the goals of the Climate Agreement, the mobility sector must reduce CO2 emissions by four megatons in the coming years, according to the Climate and Energy Outlook of the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency.

If all new business cars will soon be emission-free, this will also provide an impulse for the second-hand market, where most private motorists buy their vehicle. An increase in the business market means that the rest of the vehicle fleet is also greening more quickly.

Employers also benefit from electrification, the signatories say, because the total cost of a battery car is lower than that of a fuel car. Hydrogen cars should also fall under the scheme.

A similar law was recently passed in Belgium with a ban on emissions for passenger cars from 2026. The European Union wants a ban on combustion cars from 2035. Environmental organization Natuur & Milieu has also supported the proposal.

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