Pirelli thinks Lewis Hamilton would not have made it without a pit stop

“If I see what the tires looked like after the race, I would say ‘no’. Or at least it was really on the limit,” said Isola. “It’s a bit dangerous to push boundaries. Although I fully understand that in these circumstances they would like to get the most out of it. Our engineers advised the teams to change tires and not to continue until the end, as that was a risk.”

All drivers in Turkey drove on intermediates, the tires that are in between slicks and wet tires in terms of profile. Sebastian Vettel gave it a try on slicks halfway through the race, but the German slipped in all directions in his Aston Martin and soon went back to the pits to have intermediates put under his car again.

Hamilton, who had to start from eleventh place due to a grid penalty, was still driving on his first set of tires in the final phase. At the insistence of Mercedes, the Briton came in a few laps before the end for new intermediates. As a result, he fell from third to fifth place and had to give up the lead in the World Cup standings to Max Verstappen. Hamilton made it clear both during and after the race that Mercedes had made a wrong decision in his eyes.

Frenchman Esteban Ocon was the only driver to drive the entire race on one set of tires, without a pit stop. Ocon (Alpine) finished tenth. His tires were completely worn out after 58 laps.

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