Pirelli boss: ‘F1 teams have done nothing illegal, but are looking for margin’

When asked, Isola also acknowledged at circuit Paul Ricard that a planned zoom meeting with all drivers on Thursday afternoon was canceled at the request of the drivers. ,,But Friday evening I plan to attend the drivers meeting. The drivers know that they can always ask me anything,” said Isola.

A strong example downplay, because the drivers did express their dissatisfaction on Thursday. This is apparent from a letter from the GPDA trade union to the Formula 1 leadership, stating that there is dissatisfaction with the tire situation. Sebastian Vettel and George Russell are in the GPDA on behalf of the drivers. Former racing driver Alexander Wurz is the chairman.

Search for margins

In Baku, Max Verstappen and Lance Stroll’s tires exploded. According to Isola, Pirelli is not to blame. He points to the teams. “It’s not like the teams have done anything illegal. But it is logical that they look for margins in order to achieve the best possible performance. During the race they drove with a lower tire pressure than we expected,” continues Isola. ,,We come before every race with three parameters that we can measure: the minimum tire pressure, the maximum temperature of the tire warmers and the camber (the angle of the wheels) on the straight. However, we cannot measure how the teams handle the tires during the race.”

Isola explains that each team has different sensors. “We have no information about the driving conditions. That will change next year, when the new 18-inch tires are introduced. Then there will be a standard sensor on all cars. That is also checked by the FIA, that way we can monitor everything better.”

The boss of Pirelli’s Formula 1 department further confirms that the minimum tire pressure will be increased again in France. It is currently the only thing the supplier can do to prevent such incidents.

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