Pin outlets in all stores of Albert Heijn, Etos and Gall & Gall | NOW

All stores of Albert Heijn, Etos and Gall & Gall have been struggling with a pin failure since early morning on Friday, a spokesperson confirms to when asked.

This also concerns the AH to go stores and the stores in Belgium. According to the spokesperson, it is a network outage.

“We are working with KPN to solve the problem,” said the spokesperson. “Customers can pay in cash.” A number of shops that can only pay with debit card have closed their doors. “And a number of other stores, although that is not the policy.”

Albert Heijn, Etos and Gall & Gall are all part of the same concern: Ahold Delhaize. The spokesperson emphasizes that customers can still make their purchases and pay via the websites.

There are about 1,000 AH stores, 550 Etos stores and 600 Gall & Galls in the Netherlands. “We hope that customers will be informed as much as possible upon arrival, either by employees or by means of a note on the door,” said the spokesman.

Earlier this month, Albert Heijn had to contend with technical problems on the website and the site was down for some time. According to the supermarket company, this was due to the enormous digital influx as a result of the stricter corona measures.


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