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Pfizer: slightly more vaccines for the Netherlands in the first quarter
The Netherlands can expect slightly more doses of the Pfizer vaccine in the first quarter of 2021 than previously known. “What we have agreed is that we can deliver 2.49 million doses of vaccines by the end of the first quarter,” said Marc Kaptein, medical director of Pfizer Netherlands, at News hour. “That is slightly more than we had promised before.”

Pfizer is in close contact with RIVM and the Dutch government about the delivery of the vaccine and the vaccination program, says Kaptein. “We have regular consultations, for example tonight. We look at what the government wants and what can we deliver.”

Kaptein states that Pfizer is “very closely watching” the mutated version of the coronavirus that recently surfaced in Great Britain. The British mutation appears to be a lot more contagious. The cabinet has therefore restricted travel from the United Kingdom.

“We know that this Pfizer vaccine is also effective against nineteen other mutations,” says Kaptein. “The latter mutation is currently being tested in the laboratory, but we are almost certain that the vaccine will also work against this mutated virus.”


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