Paul Verhoeven denies that Sharon Stone hit him after seeing famous scene | NOW

Sharon Stone did not hit Paul Verhoeven in the face at all after she first famously Basic Instinctscene in which she opens her legs and crosses again, the director says de Volkskrant.

The 63-year-old actress recently described in her autobiography how Basic Instinct (1992) was allowed to come and watch after the recordings. “Not alone with the director, as you might expect, but with a room full of cops and lawyers, most of whom had nothing to do with the movie. This is how I first saw that vagina shot in question, long after I was told ‘you wouldn’t see anything’. “

“She did come to me immediately”, 82-year-old Verhoeven now responds to the statements of Stone. “I was in the editing room, not the screening room. The people she watched felt the shot should go, otherwise she would never get an Oscar nomination. At least that’s what I heard about it later. So Sharon said to me. me: that shot has to be removed. My editor was there, and there was no hitting. I imagine she would have wanted to do it. “

Despite the fact that the two differ on some events, Verhoeven says he is still on good terms with Stone. “The fact that her memory sometimes differs from mine does not detract from my great appreciation. Much more important than that one shot is that Sharon played that part absolutely magnificently. I don’t think anyone else could have ever done that better.”


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