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Almost 145,000 long-term care employees have vaccination appointments
A total of 144,913 people working in long-term care, such as nursing home workers, have now made an appointment to be vaccinated against COVID-19. GGD GHOR Nederland, the umbrella organization of the health services that carry out the vaccinations, reports this on Thursday evening.

The employees will receive their first dose in the coming weeks and a second injection exactly three weeks later to make the vaccine more effective. To this end, 25 vaccination sites have been built across the country. The employees have been invited to the vaccination by their employer. GGD GHOR Netherlands does not know how many people in total have already been invited.

Hospital doctors and nurses and ambulance workers are not included among the 144,913 people to be vaccinated who have now reported. The hospital and ambulance personnel have also been vaccinated since Wednesday, but that goes beyond the GGDs.


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