Parents’ benefits affair no longer have to pay off debts with government agencies | NOW

All debts that duped parents have due to the benefits affair with government agencies such as the Tax and Customs Administration and Benefits are canceled. Alexandra van Huffelen, State Secretary of Finance, announced this on Monday.

Debts with other agencies such as the UWV, the Education Executive Agency and the Social Insurance Bank will also be canceled.

The State Secretary calls on private creditors such as energy companies, banks and housing corporations to do the same. “So that parents can really start over and keep that compensation amount.”

The government is still in talks with the private parties about the cancellation of the debts and is therefore not yet able to make any statements about how it will be implemented.

The banks will soon take a joint position on the cancellation of the debts of the duped parents, a spokesperson for the Dutch Banking Association (NVB) said. According to the interest group, the news is still very fresh and the banks have only just heard about Van Huffelen’s request.

Spokespersons for Aedes, the umbrella organization of housing corporations, and energy branch association Energie-Nederland were unable to respond immediately on Monday evening.

Last month, Van Huffelen announced that all victims are entitled to at least 30,000 euros. “I think parents deserve a completely clean slate, so that they can use the amount of compensation to really make a new start”, says Van Huffelen. She emphasizes that the amount of 30,000 euros is the minimum. “Parents entitled to more get more.”

Victims had to pay part of the compensation to the tax authorities

On Friday, the interest group for administrators in debt restructuring (BBW) made in Faithful known that victims of the childcare allowance affair had to pay part of the compensation they received back to the tax authorities. The interest group dropped out of the consultation with the tax authorities because it did not agree with this choice.

“BBW has expressed its objections several times and has wanted to protect the tax authorities, the government and other committee members from the current disastrous plans, but has not received any response. BBW does not support the proposed scheme,” said the interest group.

The Rutte III cabinet announced on Friday that it would resign after a damning report on the benefits affair. Thousands of parents got into serious financial and personal trouble at the hands of the illegal fraud hunt.


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