Parents’ benefits affair happy with exemption, but tax return is still standing | NOW

Lawyer Vasco Groeneveld says that his clients who have been affected by the allowance affair are happy with the cancellation of the government debts, but he continues the case that the duped parents brought against (former) ministers. Lawyer Sébas Diekstra is also pursuing his case against the tax authorities.

Groeneveld says that the news released on Monday by State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen (Finance) was received with cheers by his clients. “I have received messages of cheers and joy,” said the lawyer. “This is support for the future, but the past has yet to be dealt with.”

Groeneveld has filed a case against five (former) ministers, including the ministers Tamara van Ark (Medical Care), Wopke Hoekstra (Finance) and Eric Wiebes (until recently Economic Affairs).

Diekstra also says that his procedure to enforce a criminal investigation into possible criminal offenses committed by the tax authorities will be continued.

“This rigorous measure once again exposes the incompetence of this cabinet to adequately and timely proceed to decent compensation for the victims,” ​​says Diekstra. He started a procedure on behalf of one of the duped parents to still have prosecution from the Tax Authorities for the affair, after the Public Prosecution had announced that it would not prosecute the Tax Authorities for the child allowance affair.

State Secretary Van Huffelen called on other creditors such as banks, housing corporations and energy companies to also cancel their debts. The government is still in talks with the private creditors about the possible interpretation of this.


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