Pakjesavond: these films and series about Saint Nicholas can be seen on Saturday | NOW

It is December 5, which means: Pakjesavond. Although the chances of meeting the holy man in person this year are less likely, there is plenty to see about him on television and streaming services. We have listed the best choices for you.


Zapp Sinterklaas party – 14.50 on NPO3

Zapp’s annual Sinterklaas party is just around the corner. Saint Nicholas is celebrating his birthday in a big way at KRO-NRCV and brings along many famous Zapp presenters, Zappelin friends and actors in addition to his helpers.

Sinterklaas journal – 5:00 PM on NPO3

After Dieuwertje Blok kept the viewer informed day after day of the latest news about Sinterklaas, it will be time for the latest news on Saturday at 5 p.m. Sinterklaas journal of the year.

Sint & Paul unpack! – 9.30 pm on RTL 4

Traditionally, Sinterklaas and Paul de Leeuw celebrate Pakjesavond together. They fulfill viewers’ wishes and distribute as many gifts as possible throughout the country. “Of course with an appropriate distance of one and a half meters”, according to RTL 4.


The Great Sinterklaas Movie

In The Great Sinterklaas Movie the castle of Saint Nicholas is about to collapse and has to be demolished. They are forced to stay at a campsite, which is not an ideal location to prepare Pakjesavond. But is Sinterklaas’ castle really ready for demolition, or is there a cunning plan? Peter R. de Vries can be seen in the role of detective, Erica Terpstra plays the mayor.

Streaming services

Sinterklaas and the golden horseshoe (Videoland)

Sinterklaas’ problems are piling up. There is only one reason that Amerigo horse can walk so smoothly on the roofs, and that is his magical horseshoe. When this horseshoe turns out to be lost, this means a dire situation for Sinterklaas: how should he deliver the parcels now? Saint Nicholas starts a quest together with ten-year-old Bloem.

Day Sinterklaas (Videoland)

Sinterklaas, Piet and their friends experience adventures and answer questions about everything that has to do with the children’s party on and around December 5. In episodes of fifteen minutes all kinds of questions about the Sinterklaas party are answered. Because what is the correct way to put your shoe? And how do you get vegetables through your chimney?

Sinterklaas and the Wakkere Nachten (Amazon Prime)

When Sinterklaas and Peter walk on the roofs at night, they are startled by strange noise. The whole city has been awake for nights and the angry residents suspect that Sinterklaas is causing the noise. The only person without a morning mood is a lady who sells sleeping remedies: they sell off the counter like hot cakes. Sint does everything he can to prove his innocence.


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