On Friday, the cabinet will continue to consult on response to critical indexation report | NOW

The cabinet will discuss an official response to the devastating benefits affair report issued by a special parliamentary committee last month during the cabinet meeting on Friday. A spokesperson announced this on Sunday after hours of deliberation on the issue in the Catshuis.

Sunday was the content of the critical report central. An important task that the committee has given the cabinet is to ensure that it cannot happen again in the future that citizens are treated in this way by the government.

This time, too, the discussion was not yet about the possible political consequences of the scandal. Later this month, the cabinet will first issue a response to the indexation report. This is followed by a debate with the Lower House.

At the end of December, the most involved ministers also met in the Catshuis. Back then it was mainly about the question of how justice could be done to the victims. It was decided that they would all receive compensation of EUR 30,000 as soon as possible.

In the report last month, the committee ruled harshly about the way thousands of parents have been treated when they were wrongly accused of childcare allowance fraud. The MPs concluded that the parents were “grossly wronged” and that the fundamental principles of the rule of law have been violated.

The Parliamentary Interrogation Committee Childcare Allowance held in the final report Unprecedented Injustice Prime Minister Mark Rutte and former ministers in the previous cabinet Lodewijk Asscher, Eric Wiebes and Frans Weekers jointly responsible for the tough approach to fraud.


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