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OMT member: ‘Extend current lockdown’
The current lockdown must be extended now that the number of positive tests in the Netherlands is only slowly falling, says virologist from the Amsterdam UMC and OMT member Menno de Jong against AT5. “If the slight decline does not continue and at the same time the English mutation starts to take the upper hand, then you are even more likely to think about stricter measures. It is an exciting time, I must say,” De Jong told the Amsterdam channel.

A part of the cabinet will consult with experts on Sunday in the Casthuis about what should happen when the current lockdown ends on January 19. According to insiders, an extension of a week or two is obvious. De Jong also assumes that. He is part of the Outbreak Management Team OMT, the team of experts that advises the cabinet,

“The current measures should be sufficient provided that all basic measures are also adhered to. The urgent advice is also still to work from home, one must really adhere to it. If we do, I hope in the coming weeks. , when the Christmas effect is gone, we will see that decrease. “

According to De Jong, there has now been a whole decline. “Much less than we had hoped. The hospital admissions continued to increase in the past week. It was restless in the hospital, there was a lot of pressure. That seems to have stabilized a bit now. Peace is returning a bit. But the number of infections and hospital admissions did not drop as we hoped with all the measures taken. “

With the start of the vaccination campaign, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, says De Jong. “Of course we want to be able to do activities such as parties safely as soon as possible. When that is depends on the vaccination, the testing and maybe even the weather. Over the next six or seven months there will be Perhaps more and more is possible with great caution. Well, with small steps, we certainly don’t want a third wave. “


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