Nurse wins private film festival at Swedish lighthouse | NOW

A Swedish nurse has won a private film festival on an island off the coast of Sweden. She will watch all sixty films of the Gothenburg Film Festival in total isolation from a lighthouse, the BBC.

The Gothenburg Film Festival, Scandinavia’s largest film festival, cannot take place this year due to the corona crisis. Instead, all movies will be shown online.

The organization wanted to give one film buff the opportunity to experience the program in a special way and was looking for someone who could handle the prize “emotionally and psychologically”. About 12,000 people from forty-five countries applied.

Winner Lisa Enroth has been working in the corona department of a Swedish hospital for the past few months. Her work makes her feel “exhausted” and she says she looks forward to spending a week “in a different kind of reality”.

A cinema has been set up for her at the top of the lighthouse. She will spend a week on Pater Noster Island without a telephone or computer. Enroth does share her experiences in a short video report every day.


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