Numerous Senators Dismiss Objections, Trump Blocked From Facebook | NOW

Mike Pence opens Senate meeting, counting may resume soon
Vice President Mike Pence has just reopened the meeting in the Senate. The electoral count may begin soon. Pence disapproves of Wednesday’s violence, saying the stormers have not won and that violence will never win. He ends his speech with, “Let’s get to work now.” This was followed by a round of applause in the Senate.

Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell says the government will not be intimidated. “We will carry out our duties under the constitution and for our nation. And we will do that tonight. We will carry out the message of the American voter. We have been doing that for four centuries, under any circumstance, including during a war and a civil war. is the clockwork of our democracy. “

“We have never been deterred in the past [om onze taak uit te voeren] and we will not let that happen now, “said McConnell, who continues to certify the results Wednesday evening.

Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader in the Senate, calls Wednesday night “a stain” in US history. “One we will not soon forget.” Schumer demands that those responsible for the assault be prosecuted. According to him, the disturbances were caused by the president, who continuously tells his supporters conspiracy theories. “This would never have happened without Trump.”


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