Number of hospital admissions of corona patients increased by 20 percent in week time | NOW

The number of corona patients who had to be admitted to hospital has risen “sharply” in the past week, according to the weekly figures of the RIVM on Tuesday. Compared to the week before, the number of hospital admissions increased by 20 percent.

From December 9 to December 15, 1,480 new hospitalizations were reported, an increase of 251 from the previous week. The number of IC admissions rose by 24 percent in the same period.

In addition, the RIVM registered 58,412 positive corona tests in the past week. That is 15,000 more than in the previous week (43,103). Due to the overload of the registration system at the GGD, the number of positive corona tests from Monday and Tuesday is not yet complete: the actual number of positive tests from the past week may therefore be larger.

The increase in the number of nursing homes and residential care centers where at least one corona infection has been diagnosed is striking. In the past week this was the case for 156 nursing homes and residential care centers, in the previous week for 97. That represents an increase of 67 percent.

More tests have declined, but share of positive tests has also grown

130,000 more tests were administered in the past week than in the previous week. It involved almost 470,000 corona tests. The results are known in almost 440,000 cases.

The share of positive tests has also grown. Where 11.6 percent of the people tested received a positive test result last week, that percentage rose to 12 percent this week.

The reproduction number (R) has increased compared to the previous week and is above 1.

Vaccine and test capacity expansion should prevent third lockdown

The government announced a hard lockdown on Monday that will apply at least until January 19. Until then, all non-essential shops will remain closed, people with a contact profession will not be allowed to work and primary and secondary schools will have to remain closed.

The new lockdown will be more “bearable” with the prospect that the virus can be effectively combated in 2021, Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) said in a press interview on Monday. The advent of the corona vaccine and an expansion of the testing capacity should prevent a third lockdown.

A large-scale vaccination campaign is to start in the week of January 4. Together with the expansion of the test capacity and the arrival of rapid tests, De Jonge believes that the virus can be effectively contained after this lockdown.


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