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Italy announces more targeted measures
Italian Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte has announced a new set of measures to combat the spread of the corona virus in his country. Conte said the measures are needed “to prevent another lockdown.” He thinks the government can protect the economy with these more targeted measures.

The prime minister signed a new decree on Sunday evening urging mayors to close squares and streets at 9 p.m. to prevent gatherings of people. He also imposes a maximum of six people per table in restaurants that close at midnight. Amateur and school competitions for contact sports will be banned.

Casinos and local markets must also close at 9 p.m. A decision on closing gyms and swimming pools will be taken later this week. In some regions that have been hit hard, stricter measures are already in place. Schools in the Naples region will be closed for the next two weeks.

“We have to act and take whatever measures are necessary to avoid another full lockdown,” Conte said on television. “The country cannot afford another setback that could endanger the entire economy.”

Conte is under pressure from coalition partners, regional leaders and medical advisers to take action after the rising number of daily infections in recent weeks. In the past 24 hours, the country registered 11,705 new positive tests, the Ministry of Health said. Yesterday the country registered an increase of 10,925 cases.

The number of deaths from the virus today stood at 69 compared to 47 yesterday. March and April saw days of more than 900 deaths at the height of the pandemic.


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