Number of fireworks victims decreased by 70 percent; still almost four hundred | NOW

The number of fireworks victims was nearly 70 percent smaller at the turn of the year than a year earlier, SafetyNL reports Tuesday. It concerned 383 people. Researcher Birgitte Blatter states that the number of injured in view of the fireworks ban “is still quite large”.

The cabinet tried to spare the health system with the temporary ban on abandoning it and thus not burden it with extra patients. A year earlier, more than 1,300 fireworks victims reported to GPs and emergency departments.

During the last turn of the year, a total of 108 people ended up in the emergency department as a result of fireworks. 275 people went to GP stations with minor injuries. At the previous turn of the year, this involved 385 and 900 people respectively. Most of the victims (63 percent) were twenty or younger.

As at every turn of the year, amputations had to be performed in several patients. The majority of patients (41 percent) were treated for burns to hands and fingers, while 14 percent of fireworks victims suffered eye injuries. A year earlier, more than a quarter of all victims suffered eye damage.

The Rotterdam Eye Hospital, which normally treats 10 to 15 percent of all fireworks victims with eye injuries, previously labeled the last turn of the year as “the quietest in years”.

For the study, VeiligheidNL collaborated with all emergency departments and three quarters of all GP posts in the Netherlands. The figures only include victims who reported to healthcare institutions on December 31 and January 1. More than a hundred health authorities also provided information about the cause of the injury.


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