Now, these are the best (and fairest) television deals for this Black Friday week

The deals in this article are updated every 15 minutes, making the best deals immediately visible. You can also compare the prices with the price of a week ago. This makes it immediately clear whether there is a real offer.

Based on (historical) data from our price comparator, this article provides an overview of offers where the price is at least 12.5 percent lower than the lowest price last week. In fact, we check ourselves whether products have not been available for the offer amount (or less) in the past three months. This way you ensure that you can quickly find the real offers.

Can’t see the forest for the trees? Below are a number of good tips from when purchasing a television.

The jungle of TV terms, but explained.

Know your resolution. UHD, or less specifically 4K, is the new standard in television land. 1080p televisions, or Full HD televisions, are now much less produced. However, you still have to search for content in UHD. No Dutch channel broadcasts in this resolution. For UHD you really have to watch Netflix (which offers many shows at a higher subscription price in UHD) or other streaming services such as Amazon, Videoland and YouTube.

It only becomes worth buying a UHD television if it is larger than 55 inches. Below that you can actually not see the difference between UHD and 1080p. That also depends on the viewing distance: if you are further than, for example, 2.5 meters from the screen, the difference is also negligible.

What is refresh rate or the number of hertz. The refresh rate is responsible for the smoothness of the images on the television. We could tell a whole story here about personal preferences and techniques, but in essence: don’t pay attention to this. Refresh rates on TVs is actually a marketing story. When we talk about computer monitors, it is a different story that is especially important for the avid gamer.

What the hell is the difference between OLED, QLED, LED and LCD screens?

At the moment you come across two important screen technologies on the market: OLED and LCD. Oled has the advantage that especially the black values ​​and viewing angles are particularly good. LCD has been on the market for a while, but good LCD models rely on enormous clarity and color gamut.

You can also encounter the terms LED and QLED. LED is basically just LCD, but QLED is a series of televisions made by Samsung. The Quantum Dot filter makes the color range of these televisions much better, which in turn creates competition with the OLED screens.

Curved screens are purely for the good. They have nothing to do with resolution or image quality. You could almost be a ‘fashion statement‘can call. In addition, the production of these screens has decreased significantly. Only Samsung still produces them.

The prices below are updated every 15 minutes, so you won’t miss a single great deal. If you don’t find a great offer now, come back later.

Watch footage of the Black Friday madness in the US here:

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