Now also ban on passenger flights from South Africa due to corona mutation | NOW

Passenger flights from South Africa are no longer allowed to land in the Netherlands from Monday evening due to a mutation of the corona virus in the African country. This measure will apply until 1 January 2021 at the latest, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports Monday.

“Keep in touch with your airline about the developments,” the ministry advises.

“Are you currently in South Africa and do you want to return to the Netherlands? Find safe accommodation for the coming days and wait until it is possible to travel to the Netherlands again. Even if you live in South Africa and for the holidays. want to come to the Netherlands, that is not possible for the time being. “

Anyone who has come to the Netherlands from South Africa (for example via a transfer in another country, or because the return journey has already been completed) must first go to home quarantine for ten days. This rule also applies to everyone who returns to the Netherlands from abroad.

This message is being supplemented.


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