Not a 1 million cup game. An empty PSV stadium also hurts Telstar

Joey Veerman makes his first goal for PSV (2-1) and so shoots his new club to the next round of the cup tournament.Image Pro Shots / Thomas Bakker

Telstar director Pieter de Waard packs his disappointment about the lack of profit sharing in an appropriate statement: ‘Just now that we have no relief from the hunger for yawning, we are playing against PSV in an empty stadium’. Eighth final cup, that means division of the receipts. But the stadium remains empty because of corona and half of zero is zero.

Oh, it could have been so beautiful. Earn a ton in difficult times. Two tons maybe. Who knows. On Thursday, around 6 p.m., members of Excelsior Maassluis waved off the team bus for the match in the Arena against Ajax. The competition will bring in at least one ton, chairman Hans de Leeuw had heard in the corridors. And that on a total budget of the club from the second division of roughly half a million euros.

The KNVB regulations say this about the cup tournament: ‘From the eighth finals, a result division is applied per match, whereby both participants receive 50 percent of the net result.’ First, the costs of the game are deducted from the gross result, costs for, among other things, the stadium and the stewards. Nevertheless, the cup dream of a smaller professional football club or an amateur club is clear: playing at home against a top club is the most fun, but, after placing in the last sixteen, an away game against a large club with a large stadium is financially the best. most attractive. Especially if it attracts a large audience.

1 Million Contest

‘The game of a million’, says De Waard with some exaggeration, about PSV – Telstar from Thursday evening. PSV also played against Telstar in the cup tournament in 2013, although much earlier in the tournament. Then in front of 15 thousand spectators, with 4-1 as the result. Often the stadium of the top club is not sold out for such matches against the little ones. De Waard: ‘But let’s be honest: how often do they see a club like Telstar in Eindhoven? No, it’s really bad luck. Such a competition with an audience could have been crucial for our budget. But no. Typical Telstar, we’re pissing next to the pot again.’

In the past Ajax has worked to fill the stadium by offering tickets for popular prices, for example when amateurs come to the Arena. Exactly one year ago, the stadium was sold out for the game against Spakenburg. Ajax won 7-0. Season ticket holders can easily buy several tickets on these kinds of occasions, at a reasonable rate from about ten euros. Otherwise the tickets will go on sale. For those who want to see Ajax in real life and who do not have a season ticket, this is a great opportunity. Spokesperson Miel Brinkhuis: ‘It is a combination of a good campaign on our channels and relatively low prices. You can assume that the match against Maassluis was sold out.’

Fortunately Excelsior Maassluis had not budgeted any income, not knowing where the adventure would lead. Chairman De Leeuw: ‘Everything is included. After the draw, we saw that the stadium would remain empty, although we kept hopes that the measures will be relaxed. I don’t know exactly how high the amount would be, but I do know that it is substantial for a club like ours. I did not delve into it exactly, because at a certain point I realized that it would pass us by. We don’t get any compensation either. I wouldn’t know who to call on either.’

On the other hand, playing the match itself is one of the highlights in the more than 100-year club history of Excelsior Maassluis. De Leeuw: ‘The championship with the amateurs, cup matches against PSV and Heerenveen, and now against Ajax. Although it is a shame about that money, and especially a pity that there is no audience. We already had 600 registrations after the draw, without too much effort. We had certainly come to a thousand. Now we have received ten cards for the board. We just don’t have ten board members. We are supplementing the group with a few others, including the former chairman.’

Difficult victory PSV

PSV reached the quarterfinals of the KNVB Cup on Thursday with some difficulty. The leader of the Eredivisie was ultimately too strong for first divisionist Telstar, who had taken the lead early in the game. After a halftime score of 1-1, Joey Veerman made the winning goal after more than an hour: 2-1. It was the first goal in Eindhoven service for the Volendammer, who came over from Heerenveen this winter. Telstar had taken the lead in the 17th minute with a goal from Özgür Aktas. Bruma was responsible for the equalizer in the 32nd minute. (ANP)

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