Nominees concerned about mandatory attendance at Oscars | NOW

The choice of the organization behind the Oscars not to present the awards via a video connection next month is causing concern among nominees and studios, writes Deadline Wednesday. Nominees who have to come to Los Angeles from other countries for the ceremony are especially hesitant about it.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences informed all nominees last week that they can only receive their Oscar at one of two locations in Los Angeles, where the ceremonies will take place this year: the Dolby Theater and Union Station.

However, people flying to the US from abroad must be quarantined for ten days. That upsets the schedule of the productions they are currently working on. Also, people from quite a few countries cannot travel to the US without a green card.

According to Deadline the personal escorts of the stars are angry that they are not allowed to accompany their clients to the location of the ceremony as usual. There is only room for the presenters and the nominees who can each bring one guest.


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