No more slow garden WiFi: amplifying your signal is dead simple

Thanks to wireless internet you are no longer glued to your desk. In theory, unfortunately, because in practice it often comes down to the fact that your connection is very bad as soon as you are too far from your modem.

The reason for that is quite simple. Wifi works like many other communication applications via radio waves. This often goes well, but walls and obstacles can quickly weaken the signal. To start with, make sure that your router is installed in a good, open place.

The Wi-Fi signals can be further disrupted by other networks on the same frequency. Via programs such as inSSIDer you can see which networks are broadcasting in your area. You can also see on which channel they do that and what their signal strength is – the chance that your neighbors’ internet is still quite strong is not inconceivable. This way you can check which channels are less crowded, after which you can choose a channel with less interference in the settings of your router.

Apart from obstacles and noise, WiFi in your garden or on your patio is also a matter of distance. A access point can offer a handy solution in such a case. You place it in or near the room where you want WiFi, after which the device is connected to your router via a network cable. You can even connect multiple devices to each other to guarantee ideal coverage.

Another option is to work with a WiFi amplifier. Such a device increases, as the name says, the range of your Wi-Fi signal. It does this by picking up the signal and retransmitting it. You place it in a place where you still have sufficient range, in order to get wireless internet in the nearby dead spots.

The TP-Link 450 is a good example of such a WiFi amplifier. The device, which costs barely 50 euros, can deliver combined speeds of up to 1750 Mbps. Ideal for working on the terrace. All you have to do is rub yourself in and don’t forget to drink enough.

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