Next year there will be a defibrillator at every train station in the Netherlands | NOW

In 2021, a defibrillator (AED) will be installed at every train station in the Netherlands. ProRail and NS, in collaboration with the Heart Foundation, will place a total of 450 heart starters at the stations.

At least one AED is currently already present at the fifty larger stations. There will be more. “A civilian counselor can regularly be on the scene faster than the ambulance”, says Floris Italianer, director of the Heart Foundation.

AEDs are currently already present at the fifty largest train stations in the Netherlands – at least one per station.

Because the AEDs will be located at the station, an AED will soon be available within a radius of 500 meters around the station. At least one of the stations with access gates is directly accessible.

Anneke de Vries, member of the board of NS, is pleased with the decision to equip every station with an AED soon. “I myself have lost a loved one to cardiac arrest. An AED can be lifesaving and that is why I think it is extremely important that AEDs arrive at all stations as soon as possible.”


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