New Year’s Eve is going on here and there, emergency ordinance in Den Bosch | NOW

It is restless in several places around the turn of the year, but nowhere has the police had to intervene on a large scale. Especially in Den Bosch East it is turbulent: a car has been set on fire and there are several disturbances. That is why the mayor has issued an emergency ordinance there, giving the police more powers.

Police officers in Den Bosch were pelted with fireworks on Thursday evening by a group of “a few dozen” people, mainly young people, says a police spokesman. The Mobile Unit (ME) was used for this so that the fire brigade could safely extinguish the car fire.

Since the emergency ordinance was promulgated, police officers in parts of Den Bosch East are allowed to carry out preventive searches. Officers will also check the access roads to the area. The measure will run until 5 p.m. on January 2.

“It is unacceptable how these people misbehave and cause unrest, nuisance and destruction,” said Mayor Jack Mikkers. “We do not tolerate aggression and violence against emergency services and we will tackle it.”

It is also restless in other places in North Brabant, reports Broadcasting Brabant. Another car was set on fire in Veen. In Breda a child was injured after being hit in the abdomen by fireworks. The injuries seemed serious at first, but once in the hospital they turned out to be okay, police said.

Cops pelted with fireworks

In Volendam, young people pelted police officers with fireworks. The young people caused a nuisance by setting off heavy fireworks. The municipality of Edam-Volendam is calling via Twitter parents to keep their children in. According to a spokesman, peace has returned.

In the Gelderse Stroe, fireworks were thrown from a group of people at two police employees. They have reported assault. At the end of the afternoon, the two were talking to a group of about eighty young people who were staying in a meadow. Fireworks were thrown at them from another group, police reported. The officers were left with ringing in the ears.

On Thursday evening, agents in Harderwijk (Overijssel) used pepper spray towards some young people who caused nuisance in a playground. When the police wanted to end the meeting and put out the fire that had been made, some youths rebelled. In the skirmishes, an officer was “hit”. One person has been arrested.

In Groesbeek, Gelderland, the police put an end to an upcoming party in a factory on Thursday evening “at an early stage”. There were no visitors yet, but the impression of the police was that dozens of people would come to the party. An official report has been drawn up against the organizer.

A man was arrested on Thursday evening on the Wilhelminaplein in Schiedam after allegedly threatening a group of young people with a firearm. The young people are said to have set off fireworks. The police fired a warning shot during the arrest. The man’s gun was confiscated, no one was injured.


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