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Tom Cruise and Gerard Butler can be seen in action thrillers on Videoland from this week. George Clooney also shows up with a 2010 film for which he received an Oscar nomination. View below which titles will be on the streaming service.


Mission: Impossible
In this first installment of the hit action series, based on the television series of the same name, secret agent Ethan Hunt gets involved in a mission that ends deadly. While he is chased by his own organization, he tries to find the real villain with two former colleagues. Leading actor Tom Cruise is now working on a seventh part of Mission: Impossible, which should appear at the end of next year.

Mission: Impossible III
Also the third part of Mission: Impossible will be released on Videoland this week. Hunt has to compete with the sadistic arms dealer Owen Davian (Philip Seymour Hoffman). After the villain kills an IMF colleague, he sets his sights on Hunt’s fiancĂ©e Julia (Michelle Monaghan).

Hunter Killer
In this action thriller Gerard Butler plays a submarine captain who has to conduct research in Russia’s Barents Sea with his submarine, thus becoming involved in the possible start of a new world war. Supporting roles include Common and Oscar winner Gary Oldman.

Up in the Air
Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) is hired by big companies to fire employees. He lives in expensive hotels and is about to break the ten million flight points barrier, but that existence is turned upside down when he has a love affair along the way. Up in the Air was nominated for six Oscars in 2010. The tragicomedy can be seen on Videoland from 27 November.


Temptation Island: Love or Leave
In this modified version of Temptation Island are not seducers, but singles who are looking for a serious relationship. Participating couples investigate in the program whether they have already found the right one, or whether true love might be found elsewhere. This time the program takes place in Italy. Temptation Island: Love or Leave consists of thirteen episodes and can be seen on Videoland from Thursday 26 November.


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