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Dangerous dinosaurs, Kevin Spacey as a cat and two hit music movies. Videoland is expanding its range this week with various films and series. Below you can see which titles are involved.


Four Jurassic Parkmovies
Almost all of them will appear from this week Jurassic Parkmovies on Videoland. The first two parts, about a theme park where dinosaurs break out and make victims, were directed by Steven Spielberg. The third part appeared in 2001, with a new adventure only fourteen years later: Jurassic World. Within that series, a sequel has now also been published, which (for the time being) cannot be seen on Videoland.

Creed II
Michael B. Jordan is back in the role of boxer Apollo Creed. As a fresh world champion, he gets Ivan Drago as an opponent. The fact that their fathers have faced each other in the ring before, with deadly consequences, adds even more weight to the fray.

Nine Lives
Kevin Spacey plays a busy businessman in this family film, who hardly has an eye for his wife and daughter. When he lands in a cat’s body after a spell, he becomes the pet of his own family. Nine Lives also has a Dutch version: Mr. Pluizenbol.

Pitch Perfect
In this musical comedy series, Anna Kendrick plays a student who joins an a cappella group. In the first two films, which will be on Videoland from Saturday, the Barden Bellas will compete against various singing competitors.


Lotte – season 1
Just like the famous American series Ugly Betty this Dutch-language series was based on a television hit from Colombia. Nyncke Beekhuyzen plays a clever business economist who graduated cum laude, but unfortunately does not keep her looks. She works as a secretary at a fashion company, but secretly dreams of a life full of glitter and glamor.

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