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In the run-up to December 5, several Sinterklaas films will be released on Videoland this week. The family film appears on Parcel Evening itself Angel. In the meantime, more titles are being added for fans of action and thrillers. Check out what will appear on the streaming service below.


The insecure Angel has a hard time at school, but then she finds a clock that makes all her wishes come true. Now that she is suddenly popular, the question remains whether she will really be happier. The family movie Angel, which can be seen on Videoland from 5 December, is based on the book of the same name by Isa Hoes, who participates in it, and her daughter Vlinder.

Brawl in Cell Block 99
Former boxer Bradley Thomas (Vince Vaughn) is out of work and has marital problems. Making money as a drug dealer seems to work until he ends up in jail and is put under severe pressure. The situation behind bars is thus becoming increasingly violent. Brawl in Cell Block 99 was briefly removed from Videoland after the summer and can be seen again from this week.

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Saving Private Ryan
In this acclaimed war film, Tom Hanks leads a group of soldiers who must track down a paratrooper after the Normandy invasion. Saving Private Ryan was awarded five Oscars, including best director (Steven Spielberg).

Sinterklaas & The Flight Through the Air
Father Leon does everything to please his spoiled daughter, but this time Floor wants a pool full of chocolate coins. When even Sinterklaas cannot help him, Leon kidnaps the saint with his hot air balloon.

Sinterklaas & The Golden Horseshoe
Bloem loves Sinterklaas’ horse, but during a ride Amerigo loses his magical horseshoe. And without that aid the animal can no longer go up the roofs. Bloem goes in search of the horseshoe together with Sinterklaas.

Into the Dark: Pooka!
A struggling actor takes a job as a mascot in this horror film. He has to promote a popular toy, but in the meantime he begins to develop a new, creepy personality in his costume.


Wu Tang: An American Saga
This biographical drama series follows the rise of the New York rap group Wu Tang Clan. Bobby Diggs (Ashton Sanders) tries to get a group of boys off the wrong path and thus starts a rap formation that grows into a world success. Wu Tang: An American Saga can be seen on Videoland from Thursday.

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