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Every week, Netflix expands its range with new films and series. This week included two Christmas films and the latest season of the hit series The Crown.

Curious about what you can expect in the near future? These are the new Netflix releases for November.


The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again

Vanessa Hudgens returns to Netflix with the second part of the Christmas romcom The Princess Switch. In Switched Again the duchess of the fictional Montenaro and Hudgens need each other’s help when things don’t go well in love.

Alien Xmas

When aliens try to steal Earth’s gravity, only a tiny alien named X can save the world. Alien Xmas is a heart-warming stop-motion film for everyone.


The Crown (season 4)

We have already arrived at The Crown in the 70s and 80s. Since this week, it can be seen how Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Margaret Tatcher bicker about the Falklands war. In addition, the search for a suitable bride for Prince Charles continues and we are thus introduced to Princess Diana.

The Boss Baby: Back in Business (season 4)

The animated series The Boss Baby: Back in Business is a spin-off from the movie The Boss Baby. Also in the series, we follow the suit and briefcase-carrying baby, who tries to stop Puppy Co’s nefarious plans. Netflix has put the fourth season of The Boss Baby: Back in Business online this week.

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Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas (season 1)

Even when it comes to reality series, Netflix remains in the Christmas spirit this week. In Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas we follow Benjamin ‘Mr Christmas’ Bradley. This interior designer and his team work to help families transform their homes for the holidays.


We Are The Champions

In the six-part docuseries We Are The Champions several unique competitions and the passionate participants are examined. In the first episode, we are introduced to a cheese rolling competition in England, in which the participants annually roll wheels of cheese down a hill.

Voices of Fire

Voices of Fire is a new docuseries dedicated to Pharrell Williams and the church in his hometown, Norfolk, USA. There they try to create the world’s best gospel choir with undiscovered talent from the community.

Flavorful Origins (season 3)

Also new on Netflix: the third season of Flavorful Origins. In this documentary series, we dive into Chinese cuisine. In each season, the emphasis is on a different city or region, such as Chaoshan and Yunnan. We discover the unique ingredients used in these kitchens and listen to the stories of the people who cook with them.


Kevin Hart: Zero F ** ks Given

What does comedy look like during Covid-19? Kevin Hart returns with his show Kevin Hart: Zero F ** ks Given a first. The comedian simply tells his jokes from his own home, a very intimate setting. Hart covers all kinds of topics, but of course the focus is on life in times of a pandemic.

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