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Every week, Netflix expands its offer with new series and films. This week we will see, among other things, a thrilling Japanese thriller series and two new major Netflix Original films.


Alice in Borderland (season 1)

In the Japanese thriller series Alice in Borderland Kuzuryu (Tsuyoshi Abe), a game-addicted good-for-nothing, suddenly finds herself in a parallel version of Tokyo. Together with two of his friends, he has to fight for his life in a series of very sadistic games.

El Desorden Que Dejas (season 1)

Netflix is ​​already full of Spanish top series, and the offer will be supplemented this week. El Desorden Que Dejas (The Mess You Leave Behind) revolves around a teacher who is new to a secondary school. Haunted by a suspicious death a few weeks earlier, she now even has to fear for her own life.

Archer (season 11)

The characteristic animation action comedy Archer, about the super spy of the same name, is already in its eleventh season. The new series begins with Archer waking up from his coma. It is now three years later, so a lot has changed in the world.

The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia (Christmas special)

We say goodbye to this week The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia, made by Mario Lopez, among others. The comedy series, about a 15-year-old child prodigy, only got one season. The Christmas special that is now online serves as the end.

The Big Show Show (Christmas special)

Also The Big Show Show only lasted a season. The sitcom, starring wrestler Big Show, got just like The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia a special Christmas episode to close the series.

Mr. Iglesias (part 3)

For those who don’t know him yet: in this series, the well-known comedian Gabriel ‘Fluffy’ Iglesias plays a teacher who is recovering from an alcohol addiction. He teaches history to gifted students, and tries to let them get the best out of themselves.

RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars (season 5)

In the All Stars seasons of drag queen competition RuPaul’s Drag Race favorite candidates from the regular seasons get a second chance. The fifth season, broadcast in America last summer, is now on Netflix.


The Prom

A group of hilariously self-righteous theater stars race to a small town in Indiana. They want the prom from a lesbian student: the headmaster does not allow her to come to the prom with her girlfriend. The Prom is based on the musical of the same name and has a cast that includes Meryl Streep, James Corden, Nicole Kidman and Kerry Washington.

The Claus Family

Dutch Christmas film about Jules Claus (Mo Bakker), a boy who lost his father last year. He doesn’t feel like all that Christmas stuff around the holidays. His mother works a lot, so Jules likes to visit his grandfather’s toy store, who turns out to be none other than Santa Claus.

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Lucia de B.

Nurse Lucia de Berk is mistaken for a cold-blooded serial killer and sentenced to life. She herself maintains that she is innocent. Only after almost seven years is she still right of the court. The movie is obviously based on the real thing. Ariana Schutler plays Lucia. There are also roles for Barry Atsma, Fedja van Huêt and Marwan Kenzari.


Soof (Lies Visschedijk) is done with her current life. Her catering business is difficult and her three children and husband Kasper (Fedja Huêt) take little account of her. Then Sophie meets choreographer Jim (Dan Karaty) and her life is turned upside down.

Dallas Buyers Club

Ron Woodroof, played by Matthew McConaughey, lives a dissolute life. After a hospital visit, he receives an AIDS diagnosis and learns that he has only one month to live. He is very angry, but manages to turn his anger into a fierce battle against the American pharmaceutical industry.

The Place Beyond the Pines

Crime thriller about professional motorcyclist Luke (Ryan Gosling) who robs banks to earn money for his wife and newborn child. He becomes involved in a violent confrontation with a young police officer (Bradley Cooper). It has far-reaching consequences and Luke’s past ends up costing son Jason dear.

Two Night Stand

Romcom with Analeigh Tipton and Miles Teller. Their characters Megan and Alec experience a disastrous one-night stand. When they wake up, a snow storm rages through the city. Now they are suddenly forced to spend time together, with all the consequences that entails.

The Mule

Clint Eastwood directs himself in crime thriller The Mule. In it he plays a ninety-year-old Korean veteran with money problems. He accepts an offer to transport “something,” but later finds out that he is becoming a pack mule for the Mexican cartel. As if that wasn’t bad enough, DEA agent Colin Bates (Bradley Cooper) keeps getting closer.


Giving Voice

In the documentary Giving Voice we follow six ambitious student actors. They audition for a famous competition for playwright August Wilson’s monologues (Fences). Fencesactors Denzel Washington and Viola Davis we also see again.

The Surgeon’s Cut

In The Surgeon’s Cut four leading surgeons talk about their life and work. Each episode – there are four – paints an intimate and revealing portrait of these lifesavers.

Room 2806: The Accusation

In the new true crime documentary series Room 2806: The Accusation follows the famous sexual assault case involving French politician Dominique Strauss-Kahn in 2011, at the height of his career.

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