‘Never before so many superstars in Formula 1’

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Naturally, it concerns the freezing of the engine regulations from 2022; a big wish of Red Bull since the announced departure of engine supplier Honda from Formula 1. But is this really good news for Red Bull? Van Haren has yet to see it all and Albers also has his reservations. “What if Honda doesn’t have a good engine for next year? Then Red Bull has a serious problem, because they cannot further develop the engine until 2025. ”

Red Bull Racing and sister team AlphaTauri also threatened to leave Formula 1 if the freezing of the engine regulations would not go ahead. Albers is sometimes a little despondent by Red Bull’s attitude. “Everything in that team has to be cool, eccentric, and flashy. But when you look at them from a distance, they are super disorganized. Nothing to the detriment of Max Verstappen, but other teams have a lot more professionalism in terms of communication. ”

Also in the podcast: what are the expectations of all cars and newcomers? Which drivers go forwards or backwards after a team change? Albers is curious about a possible battle between Sergio Pérez and Max Verstappen. “What if Pérez drives twice a race faster than Max? Even the best drivers will then doubt themselves. ” Van Haren is not afraid of that: “Max has shown that he can deal with setbacks. It has not always been hosanna in his Formula 1 career. ”

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