‘Never again as extreme as with Max’

He hopes to prepare Thierry Vermeulen (18) for the big work and to contribute to his goal of becoming a professional racing driver. But it will be a bit different compared to the past, when he accompanied son Max from an early age.

“It was very intense with Max. There the goal was clear: to reach Formula 1. Everything had to make way for that, ”said Verstappen. “That is not necessary now, but this is a great challenge. We have to see progress with Thierry. He will be there, I am convinced of that. ”

Max and Jos in Bahrain

Max and Jos in Bahrain

Verstappen knows that Vermeulen is in good hands with the GP Elite team, but also that he can give him something extra with his own expertise. “Thierry has now reached a level where it is all about the details. He has to discover and feel it himself on the track. I will never do it as extreme as Max. Not even if my little guy ever starts racing. That does not mean that we are now working on it without obligation. This is a wonderful project in this way. ”

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